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Why Chill Palawan? – The Beginning of Chill Palawan

The Beginning of Chill Palawan

why chill palawanWhy Chill Palawan? Settling in Palawan is kind of personal. The moment I got here in June 2017, I was like chill. Moving out from my hometown and traveling from one place to another, I found myself in Palawan with no plans. I was in Taiwan for two months then a friend of mine invited me to come to visit her with the kids.

My passport expired so I need to stay here more and renew it. I stayed with my friend for a month. Did some volunteer work in a hostel for two months. Then I realized, I want to stay here so I found a cheap place to stay in Puerto Princesa (check on Agoda).

Chilling in Palawan Like a Local – the tagline

Staying here for straight nine (9) months already made me feel like a local although I am a real local from the Philippines. Coming here to Palawan, I never acted like a tourist but it’s also an advantage if I act both.

I temporarily left Palawan for two (2) months but retained my place through paying the monthly rent. June 2018, here I am. I am back.

My Homebase as a Digital Nomad in the Philippines

As someone who works online, it feels like I officially moved here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan as a Digital Nomad. As a travel blogger, a lot of people are asking me what to see, what to do and such in Palawan. Since I was busy with my online job, I can’t write everything on my personal travel blog. After a year, it’s just now I decided to put it up here.

What Do You Expect about Chill Palawan?

Expect Chill Palawan about the places I’ve visited that started in 2014 until it becomes a yearly ritual to visit. As currently based in Puerto Princesa, you will see a lot more of here as well. You will see more on travel guides, place to chill, where to eat, and some off the beaten path experience. My goal is to visit other towns of Palawan I’ve never been.

Of course, more travel photos from my adventures over land and underwater so do please check it out.

Check this out on where to go in Palawan.

For Sponsorships, Promotions, and Collaborations

For hotels, restaurants, and activities who wish to collaborate with me for promotions and sponsorships, check out the Work with Me page.

Need Assistance on Tours and Travel Consultations?

Chill Palawan is slowly assisting friends, couch surfers, and tourists about the tours and other travel consultations. I’ve helped some tourists that I’ve met about which tours to take and giving them travel advice. I looked for a travel agency that I can trust and decide to partner with them. Have used their service while I was on my way going to El Nido for transportation since this is just near to my place.

I recommend my friends to personally visit their office so that the guests can talk straight to this agency I am partnering with. Do send inquiries on the comment below or you can also send us a message on our Facebook page.

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