where to eat in puerto princesa palawan

Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa, Palawan?

When you’re new to a place, the first time you will find is where to eat in Puerto Princesa? As someone living here like a local, all I do is just find a place to eat and just jumping from one restaurant to another. So here’s a list of where to eat in Puerto Princesa:

where to eat in puerto princesa palawan

Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa?

Filipino Restaurants

KaLui Restaurant

KaLui Restaurant is a famous local restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Upon entering the restaurant, you need to leave your shoes at the door and get comfortable. If you’re looking for Filipino food, then KaLui Restaurant is the place to go. They have seafood and vegetables prepared. Good for family and friends to dine in. They also have a set menu which is good for two people. Since a lot of tourists and guests coming to KaLui Restaurant to dine in, you need to call in advance to reserve a table. Staying in a hotel? Asked your hotel’s reception to call for a reservation on your behalf.

Address: 369 Rizal Avenue, Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan

Thursday       11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Friday             11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Saturday       11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Sunday          Closed
Monday         11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Tuesday        11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–2 PM, 6–10:30 PM

Phone: (048) 433 2580

KaLui Restaurant

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Ka Inato Main Branch

Ka Inato Restaurant is another Filipino local restaurant in Puerto Princesa. They also serve Filipino dishes, seafood, and vegetables. They also have a nice, artsy ambiance. The good thing about Ka Inato at the main branch is that they hire deaf-mute people who are working as the food servers.

Address: Km 4 North National Highway, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Thursday       6 AM–10 PM
Friday             6 AM–10 PM
Saturday       6 AM–10 PM
Sunday          6 AM–10 PM
Monday        6 AM–10 PM
Tuesday        6 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 6 AM–10 PM

Phone: (048) 434 1721

Ka Inato Restaurant

KinaBuch’s Grill and Bar

Another famous local restaurant in Puerto Princesa is KinaBuch’s Grill and Bar. They serve Filipino food with much variety on their menu. They also serve Crocodile Sisig and Tamilok (woodworm). The food here is great and they also serve drinks (alcohol, cocktail and other beverages) to foreign and local guests.

Address: 369, Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Thursday       5 PM–1 AM
Friday             5 PM–1 AM
Saturday       5 PM–1 AM
Sunday          Closed
Monday         5 PM–1 AM
Tuesday         5 PM–1 AM
Wednesday  5 PM–1 AM

Phone: (048) 434 5194

kinabuch grill and bar tamilok

Balinsasayaw Restaurant

Balinsasayaw Restaurant is another local restaurant that serves Filipino food as well. They have the variety of food to choose from vegetables to seafood and burgers. They have unlimited rice for grilled food like chicken and pork.

Address: Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Thursday      9 AM–10 PM
Friday            9 AM–10 PM
Saturday       9 AM–10 PM
Sunday          9 AM–10 PM
Monday         9 AM–10 PM
Tuesday         9 AM–10 PM
Wednesday  9 AM–10 PM

Phone: (048) 434 5804

balinsasayaw restaurant

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Pizza Place

McCoy’s Pizza House

When you’re craving for pizza, the best go-to place for a pizza is at McCoy’s Pizza House. Just located near the Puerto Princesa Airport so people can easily chill here before the flight. McCoy’s Pizza also serves pasta and set meals. The 10-inch pizza is really affordable so no guilt of eating it on your own.

Address: 20 National Highway San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City

Thursday       8 AM–11 PM
Friday             8 AM–11 PM
Saturday       8 AM–11 PM
Sunday          8 AM–11 PM
Monday         8 AM–11 PM
Tuesday        8 AM–11 PM
Wednesday  8 AM–11 PM

Phone: (048) 433 4239

mccoy's pizza house

Vegetarian Restaurant

Namaskar Vegetarian House

If you’re looking for a vegetarian place in Puerto Princesa, Namaskar Vegetarian House is the place to be. They offer a very affordable meal that won’t really hurt your budget. Everything is just good food. They offer fruit shakes, noodles, sandwiches, soups, salads, appetizers and rice meals.

Address: Burgos St, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Thursday      9 AM–9 PM
Friday            9 AM–9 PM
Saturday       9 AM–9 PM
Sunday          Closed
Monday         9 AM–9 PM
Tuesday         9 AM–9 PM
Wednesday  9 AM–9 PM

namaskar vegetarian house

I have personally visited these restaurants in Puerto Princesa and I personally recommend these to my friends and guests who are coming to Palawan. Still many restaurants I haven’t included yet as the photos are still on my hard drive and will look for it. Will update this article every time I visit new restaurants as well.

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