About Chill Palawan

chill palawan logoChill Palawan is a one-stop News, Lifestyle, Events, and Travel Guide blog all about Palawan. Currently, based in Puerto Princesa. The goal is to visit different towns of Palawan, to discover a lot more.

Chill Palawan will show you how chill Palawan is in the eyes of a Filipina tourist and how to live like a local at the same time.

Why Chill Palawan?

Chill means Relax. The best word to describe Palawan is chill. Palawan is the best place to do a sweet escape from stress and anxiety. Read more on the long version – here.

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About the Author

Roxanne is behind Chill Palawan and the owner of the personal travel blog, iTravelRox. This website is created for the love of Palawan and chilling in Palawan like a local. She explored seven countries doing solo travel and some parts of the Philippines.

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Created on June 2018